My NEST Reports Terms Of Service

By logging in to this website, you authorize us to retrieve and store your nest thermostat usage history for the 10 days that nest shows us. Everytime you login we will store any new usage history that has not been previously stored. This results in a cumulative storage of usage history and allows us to display graphs that outline useful information that can help you make energy saving improvements. The data stored is strictly related to seconds of heating, cooling, dehumidifier, humidifier, air wave usage, leafs and low/high averages. Information that can identify your location is not stored. We do not store address or zip codes.

If you select any options from the Custom Options page you also authorize us to periodically and automatically login to your nest account to verify and notify you in regards to any custom options you have selected. If you have not selected any custom options, which includes the option for automatic retrieval of usage history, we will not automatically login to your account. You also understand that if you do not select the auto retrieval option from the Custom Option page you will be responsible to login once every 10 days to maintain consistent records.

We do not share any of the information we collect on your behalf with ANY company or 3rd party.
We do not sell or share your email address
We do not send any emails with offers or promotions

While we take every precaution to protect the email, passwords and data collected the nature of the internet makes it impossible to guarantee that the data is 100% secure or unhackable, therefore we recommend that you use a unique email address and/or password for your nest account.

****ADDED APRIL 7, 2016****

Due to the insecure nature of the internet, users with Nest Cameras on the same accounts as thermostats are not recommended to use this service, especially if the cameras are used to record/monitor sensitive activity like home security or used as a baby monitor. Even though we use HTTPS and encrypt sensitive data there is no 100% guarantee that the information won't be accessed by unauthorized people or hackers, This is highly unlikely but not impossible. The privacy of your cameras is just to great to risk whereas your heating/cooling usage poses little privacy risk. You will be allowed to use the service if you have cameras but we would prefer if you had them on a different account from the thermostat being accessed by this service.


This service is free and you will never be required to pay any type of fee. Your data will not be held hostage and you will never have to pay a fee to remove your account or retrieve your data from this service.

You agree that if your account remains inactive for more than 90 days it will be deleted. Unlike other websites, we do not archive our database and/or keep information after removing your account, we REALLY delete all information and it cannot be recovered. By logging in at least every 89 days or enabling any of the "Custom Functions" your account will be deemed ACTIVE.

If you choose to remove your account from this service, ALL of your data will be permanently deleted and not stored, sold or shared with ANYONE

Because this is a free service, we cannot guarantee 100% flawless operations. However, since I personally rely on the custom functions of this site for my own heating/cooling system, the downtime and errors will be addressed quickly.

You also agree that the administrator, creator & web-host of this service will not be held liable for any misuse, inconvenience, data theft or damage caused by this service. These types of events are highly unlikely but not impossible.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding these Terms of service you may contact us using the information below.
Sandy Hook
PO Box 258