My NEST Reports

How we collect the data The first time you login to we will store the last 10 days of records. Then the next time you login we will take any new records and save those too. Simple as that. Just login and you are done!

For now you will have to login at least once every 10 days in order for us to keep your records consecutive. In the upcoming weeks we hope to have the automatic updating of your records working.
Menu All of the information is stored in 1 dropdown menu. This makes it super easy to see what you want to see. Just hover your mouse over the menu to expand it or click to bring up the corresponding report. The menu is in asending order: Yearly -> Monthly -> Daily
The Energy Reports The graphs used are provided by and are modified to be able to show our data. for now we have BAR graphs but we will be incorporating other graph types as we see fit.

The Graphs The graphs are pretty simple. If you hover the mouse over the bars it will show you the number of hours that the device was used.
The Legend The legend on the graph shows the colors which apply to which HVAC device. Clicking on the colors in the legend will show/hide bars.
Exporting & Printing The graphs are able to be printed and also saved to your computer in different formats. Supported format are:
PNG image
JPEG image
PDF Document
SVC Vector